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Best Golf GPS WatchGarmin has been the leader in the golf GPS watch market for the last five years and still does. They have continuously enhanced the “in watch” functionality of their product line while maintaining multiple value and feature price points.  While the product line continues to evolve, Garmin has three current models that we would recommend as the best golf GPS watch based on price and features.

Garmin Approach S2: The S2 is the oldest of the models and serves as the base model in terms of functionality and comes with the lowest price point. In terms of its main features, the S2 provides accurate readings of the distance to the front, middle and back of the green as well as to doglegs and layups. The S2 can also measure how far a golfer has hit the golf ball.

Garmin Approach S4: The S4 builds on the functionality of the S2 and adds additional features, such as showing the true shape of the green and giving a golfer the ability to adjust the flag position using the touchscreen. The S4 also has a higher resolution screen and longer battery life when compared with the S2. For golfers who want to track their stats, the S4 gives golfers the ability to track their putts, greens and fairways hit in regulation and average distances.  For a combination of price and features, the Approach S4 is our favorite model.

Garmin Approach S6: The S6 is an evolutionary step beyond the earlier models. While offering the functionality of prior generations the S6 also can be used as a swing trainer having the ability to measure back swing and forward swing tempo as well as the strength of a swing compared with your normal swing. The S6 also has been upgraded to a color screen with greater resolution as well as such features as being able to see the full layout of a hole from tee to green.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes a chart is also. Below is a side by side comparison of the capabilities of the Approach S2, S4 and S6. It is clear that these devices have definitely evolved over time and offer amazing functionality.

Comparison of Our Recommended Garmin GPS Golf Watches

S2 GPS WatchS4 GPS WatchS6 GPS Watch
Courses covered worldwide40,000+40,000+40,000+
CourseView – see full-color, hole-by-hole details of course before or during roundNNY
Distance to front, middle and back of greenYYY
Distance to layups / doglegsYYY
Measures point to point shot distanceNYY
Pinpointer blind shot assistance shows directional arrow to the green on blind shotsNNY
True shape green view with ability to adjust flag positionNYY
Dedicated green view buttonNYY
Can measure distance a golfer has hit the ballYYY
Tracks stats (putts per round, greens & fairways hit, average distanceNYY
Digital scorecard for one with after round computer scorecard review (using USB hookup)YYY
Swing Metrics Features – Comparative tempo and strength NNY
Course odometer to measure distance golfer travelsYYY
ScreenMonochrome LCD touchscreenHigh-res touchscreenHigh-res color touchscreen
Display size1" diameter1" diameter1" diameter
Display resolution64 x 32 pixels128 x 128 pixels180 x 180 pixels
Battery life in GPS modeUp to 8 hoursUp to 10 hoursUp to 10 hours
IPhone and Android Bluetooth pairing for e-mail, texts and other notifications on watchNYY
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price$179.99$249.99$349.99

Pros and Cons

  • No technology is more accessible than an on-your-wrist GPS
  • Leader in GPS technology and mapping gives highly accurate distances
  • No ongoing subscription costs or fees
  • No/low glare screens even in bright light
  • Product line offers a progression of function and price.  Buy only what you need
  • Stylish design

  • When on, the notification function can be a bit of an annoyance
  • Stat tracking is a little cumbersome due to manual entry
  • Some reviewers feel the S6 has too many features of limited value

We would not go to a course without wearing a Garmin GPS watch!

See below to buy the best Golf GPS Watch!

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Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch - Black

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$186.92 $199.99

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Garmin Approach S60, Premium GPS Golf Watch with Touchscreen Display and Full...

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Garmin Approach X40, GPS Golf Band and Activity Tracker with Heart Rate...

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$232.99 $249.99

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