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SKLZ Golf NetThe SKLZ Quickster Golf Net with Target — After talking with tons of clients about the most effective training aids that they have used; many said that a golf practice net (and alignment rods) was the best tool for improving their games.  This experience makes a lot of sense because it is only through proper and frequent repetition that a golfer can build a consistent swing and confidence.

The challenge with store bought “amateur” nets is their durability.  Cheap nets can only take so many impacts from a golf ball moving at high velocity.  Yet very few people can make the investment to buy a higher grade net such as the Net Return Pro-Series Multi-Sport Net which we reviewed in a separate post.  So, what should a golfer buy if he wants to spend around $100 – $130 for a golf practice net?  We recommend the SKLZ Golf Net with Target as the best value for the money.

The SKLZ Quickster Golf Net comes in two sizes 6 X 6 feet and 8 X 8 feet.  The 6 X 6 model typically costs below $100 (usually closer to $80) while the 8 X 8 model typically costs around $130.  For cost conscious buyers we recommend the smaller size.  Although smaller it is still a high quality option.

For those who can afford more, we recommend the larger size in order to capture mishit balls but also because the increased size of the net better absorbs the golf balls impact by creating more give.  The Quickster is highly portable and comes with its own carrying case.  It is easy to put together and can be assembled in under two minutes.  The highly durable net is designed for impacts up to 175 MPH.

Our recommendations for prolonging the life of the SKLZ Quickster Golf Net:

  • Buy the 8 X 8 foot size for better absorption for impacts
  • Use the high adjustable target for full swings (especially drivers / woods / hybrids) to help absorb impacts
  • Consider using foam balls or “near balls” for driver if you are a power hitter

  • The SKLZ Golf Net is a very high quality option
  • 8 X 8 feet net provides large target for full swings
  • 6 X 6 has a fantastic price for the quality of the training net
  • Comes with a chipping and full swing target to improve accuracy
  • Can be assembled in under 2 minutes
  • Strong 2-ply netting
  • Comes with carry bag and ground stakes
  • Highly portable

  • Some folks will want a hitting mat which is not included
  • Netting is designed for golf ball speeds only up to 165 MPH

See below to buy the Best Home Golf Practice Net!  The link will take you to both size options.

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