Best Impact Bag for Golf

Sklz Smash Bag Impact TrainerSklz Smash Bag Impact Trainer  is one of the most popular training aids for teaching the proper impact position for hitting the golf ball.  Through teaching proper impact, this golf impact bag helps eliminate fat and thin golf shots, helps cure slices and improves overall accuracy.

We all want our club path and impact position to be correct to ensure a squared clubface when the club contacts the golf ball.  For many of us, our form does not consistently deliver that path, positioning and impact.  The Sklz Smash Bag Impact Trainer gives immediate feedback and teaches golfers the correct position and feel for that moment of impact.  When golfers practice with the Smash Bag, it is easy to physically feel when they have “toed” the bag with the club head or when they have left the face wide open.  A proper swing with a squared face will give a satisfying impact that can be repeated and learned over time.

By training for the moment of impact, golfers can gain greater consistency at impact and throughout their golf swing.  The Sklz Smash Bag Impact Trainer immediately gives you the feedback as to the clubface position at the critical moment of impact. Sklz Smash Bag Impact Trainer  will teach you how to produce the correct feel of a square clubface position at impact.  The Sklz Smash Bag Impact Trainer also provides a target map on the side of the bag which gives visual feedback on the quality and accuracy of impact.

At the end of a golf swing practice session, golfers want to feel that they are making progress in improving their golf games.  Sklz Smash Bag Impact Trainer practice sessions give immediate feedback on whether a golfer is squaring the clubhead  on impact.  The Smash Bag almost literally tells you when you are making progress!

  • Time tested, highly popular swing training aid
  • Teaches you proper and repeatable impact position
  • Helps eliminate fat and thin golf shots, helps cure slices and improves overall accuracy
  • Target map provides visual feedback on the quality and accuracy of impact
  • Heavy-duty, high-impact material and zipper
  • Provides loop that can be staked to the ground

  • You must provide your own cloth filling for the Smash Bag

Take a moment to view the demonstration video below to see how to use the Sklz Smash Bag.

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  1. Hello!

    Your article was very informative. I am an amateur golfer and always looking for tips that will improve my swing. The suggestions of practice and being prepared for impact, struck me as truth.

    How many times a week should I use the golf impact training aid?

    • Impact bags, like the Smash Bag, are one of classic teaching aids. Using it a couple times a week should help you engrain the right impact position and feel.

  2. Hello Brad, and thanks for sharing that information,

    I am starting to play golf, there are a lot of things I need to learn, this page could be very helpful, I honestly had no idea about the Smash Bag, but it could be a very helpful for anyone that is interested in playing golf, pro or a rookie.

    Thanks again.

    • Thank you for the comment. You are right the impact bag is a great learning tool. Who really helps you understand and feel what you’re correct form should be at contact with the golf ball. Good luck out there.

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