Best Automatic Return Golf Putting Cup

JEF World of Golf Automatic Putting CupJEF World of Golf Automatic Return Golf Putting Cup is our recommended automatic return putting cup aid for when you cannot get out to the putting green.

Face it; there are days when you cannot leave the office or skip school (not that we are advocating that).  Or, it might be raining, hailing, snowing, or “hurricaning” out. On those days, you still might have the itch to get in a little putting practice.

When you cannot get out, an automatic return golf putting cup allows you to still get some putting practice in.  And, there is nothing that can make putting practice more enjoyable than having the ball go into the hole and then have it returned directly to your feet.  With an automatic return golf putting cup, you also get immediate feedback when you miss.  When your putts are short or wide of the cup, you have to shag the ball.

Although primarily an indoor device, some customers do use the automatic return practice cup successfully on practice golf greens to eliminate having to gather their golf balls.

Our recommended model is designed with a slightly raised front lip to encourage golfers to putt with enough force for proper putting speed.  The golf gurus suggest that putts should roll 14 inches beyond the hole to train golfers not to hit short. The raised lip encourages sufficient and appropriate speed.

The JEF World of Golf model uses two batteries and is highly portable.

Summary: Why Buy the JEF World of Golf Automatic Return Golf Putting Cup?  The Automatic Return Golf Putting Cup is a great training aid for practicing your putting at home or in the office on those days when you just can’t get to the course. The automatic return putting aid gives immediate feedback, returning a well-hit putt directly back to the golfer!


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Pros and Cons of the Automatic Return Golf Putting Cup


  • Returns “sunk” putts directly back to you
  • The device has a slightly raised front end lip to ensure that you hit your putts with appropriate force
  • Uses batteries so no tangled cords or need for an electrical outlet
  • Uses real golf balls so that you get an authentic putting feel
  • Highly portable
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors


  • You still have to shag bad putts
  • Does not come with a putter

Buy the JEF World of Golf Automatic Return Golf Putting Cup!

Another putting aid that we like is the Putter Wheel, which is highly effective in teaching golfer’s how to hit putts with perfect impact.


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