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Momentus Whoosh Golf Swing Trainer
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The Momentus Whoosh Golf Swing Trainer is one of the most popular training aids on the market.  It has gained significant customer support and high reviews for improving the speed and flow of golfers’ golf swings.

Many golfers love the Whoosh because it has helped them eliminate “overcasting” or problems with appropriately releasing the club during full swings. Other golfers love it because it increased their swing speeds. So, what is this two-for-one product, and how does it work?

The Whoosh Swing Trainer is simple in concept and easy to use. As pictured, the aid is a golf shaft with a rubber training grip on one end with finger and hand positioning guides. A weighted magnetic ball is attached to the shaft and can slide along the shaft during a practice swing.

Why Buy The Momentus Whoosh Golf Swing Trainer?:  There are two swing problems the Whoosh Trainer can help fix. First, it can help golfers eliminate “overcasting” and develop a better club release. Second, it can help golfers increase their swing speeds and distance on full swings.

Improve Swing Speed

When a golfer wants to work on swing speed, he places the ball at the far end of the shaft and uses a proper swing; the golfer will swing as hard as he can for six repetitions. The Whoosh Swing Trainer effectively activates “fast-twitch” muscles to “awaken” them and train them for higher speeds.

Momentus states that golfers will see a noticeable increase in swing speed immediately after using the Whoosh Golf Swing Trainer, as much as 7 – 10 miles per hour faster swing speeds.

Amazon customers attest to the speed gain.

“I am happy with the product. I bought it to work on driver swing speed and timing. I can see a real difference on the course, and my playing partners, who were not aware that I was using the Speed Whoosh, even commented on the difference in my drives”.

“…my typical swing speed is about 95 mph as measured by my Swingbyte device. After using this device for 10 swings, I found my swing speed up to 101 mph. This is a huge gain for me. …I will vouch for the swing speed improvement. Glad I bought this”.

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Improve Tempo and Release

Beyond swing speed, the Momentus Whoosh Golf Swing Trainer is designed to help a golfer optimize the tempo of their swing, in particular, the point at which a golfer “releases” the lag in his downswing. To use the Whoosh for release training:

  • best golf swing trainer ballPlace the magnetic timing ball at the grip end of the shaft. The ball’s magnetic feature will keep the ball in place throughout the backswing
  • Swing the Whoosh in a full practice swing to determine the timing of the swings’ release point
  • Ideally, a golfer wants to hear and feel the magnetic timing ball hit the end of the shaft at the very bottom of the swing
  • If the ball hits the shaft end too early, a golfer needs to hold the release longer in the downswing.  If the ball hits too late, the club needs to release earlier

Like speed training, the Magnetic Timing Ball feature has strong consumer support in helping golfers time their release for better impact. 

Pros and Cons of the Momentus Woosh Golf Swing Trainer

best golf swing trainer gripPROS:

  • Unique two-for-one aid that improves swing speed and release
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Training grip helps hardwire proper hand and finger position on the club
  • Weighs the same as a regular driver
  • Comes in men’s, women’s, and junior sizes
  • Comes in left-handed and right-handed models


  • Some find the feel and sound of the impact of the magnetic ball to be too vague and muted for pinpointing their release point
  • The Whoosh Golf Swing Trainer is not designed to improve other swing problems beyond release point and speed

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The grip is molded so that right-handed golfers must place their hands in an optimal neutral grip. The training aid is designed to teach an interlocking grip.


No, the Whoosh is not a universal grip. It is only available for right-handed golfers.


The difference is the length of the trainer. The “men’s” model is 48 inches long. The “women’s” model is 45 inches long. And the “junior” model is 42 inches long.

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