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Leadbetter Golf Grip Training Aid
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David Leadbetter Golf Training Grip — What does a perfect golf grip look and feel like? Golf Pride and David Leadbetter collaborated in developing this golf grip training aid to help you hardwire the answer to that question!

Many of us have taken lessons and have been shown exactly how to grip a club.  We have been taught strong, neutral, and weak grips.  The instructor placed the club into our hands and demonstrated the proper way to hold a club.  For that short instructional moment, we get it.

Then, the grip lesson is over.  The instructor moves on to teach some other fundamental skills, as do we.  By the time regular golfers get home or go to play the next round of golf, our minds and muscle memories have blurred.  To some degree, we have forgotten the positioning and feel of the perfect grip.  We have not ingrained the muscle memory in our hands to consistently recreate the ideal hand and finger positions on the grip.

David Leadbetter Grip Trainer verticalFor a low cost, the David Leadbetter Training Grip enables you to learn, ingrain, and repeat the proper grip.  This golf grip training aid guides your hands into the correct position on the grip.  We have found that the best way to use this training aid is to keep it handy in your office or home.

Mount it on a practice golf club, pick it up, and grip it regularly.  Feel your hands move into the perfect position as they grip the trainer.  Repeated use of this grip training aid will hardwire the correct hand and finger positions into your mind and muscle memory.

This highly durable, high-quality rubber Training Grip will teach proper hand positioning and grip.  A proper grip is one of the critical fundamentals that can enable you to consistently hit the ball with power, accuracy, and confidence.

Pros and Cons of this Golf Grip Training Aid


  • Teaches proper hand positioning, finger placement, and grip
  • Inexpensive and effective golf grip training aid
  • Durable materials that will last a long time
  • This particular golf grip training aid is an upgrade over prior David Leadbetter models


  • Only available in a right-handed model
  • Only available in one size

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2 Replies to “Best Golf Grip Training Aid”

  1. Great review about this Grip for Gulf. I have recently started out and people adviced me to take a grip of some kind since it might be ‘noob’ friendly. This definitely helps me out in my decision process. Keep up the good work. Love your site btw!

    1. The Vktech Golf Grip Trainer is a great aid for helping people learn and “lock in” a proper golf grip. It really helps to have the fundamentals nailed down so that you are not fighting bad habits from the start. Good luck with the grip trainer and with golf!

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