Best Golf Alignment Sticks

Best golf alignment sticksThe Elixir Golf Alignment Sticks will help you set up your body, feet ball, and club to practice perfect alignment for drives, irons, wedges, and putts.

The golf setup is one of the critical fundamentals for hitting the golf ball with greater consistency and accuracy. Proper setup positioning takes into account feet, hip, and shoulder alignment, as well as the location of the ball within your stance.  Elixir’s golf alignment training aids can help you learn and reinforce the perfect setup position.

Elixir’s Golf Alignment Sticks give you an added feature that isn’t available with other rods. In every tube, you receive two alignment rods, and a connector creates a perfect right angle relationship between the two sticks. This alignment aid allows you to set your feet and body correctly while also giving you instant recognition of where the ball sits within your stance.

Best golf alignment sticks

The rods come with pointed ends (and protective caps) to enable golfers to push the rods into the ground to practice swing plane drills.  Some buyers have commented that the points are not truly sharp and thus make sticking them into the ground difficult.  The picture to the right will give you an accurate perspective of the tips of the rods. The points should be sufficient except if you are trying to push through true hardpan.

Best Golf Alignment Sticks connector
90 Degree Connector

When you purchase the Elixir Golf Alignment Sticks, you will receive two alignment rods within a clear storage tube. As mentioned, the rods have end caps as added protection due to the pointed ends. The 90-degree connector is built into the tube’s endcap for easy storage.

Pros and Cons of the Elixir Golf Alignment Sticks


  • 90-degree connector
  • 36 inches long to fit within your golf bag
  • Two rods in a package
  • Comes in 5 different color options
  • Storage tube that keeps rods and connector organized


  • The points on the rods’ ends are not very sharp so pushing them into hard ground can be a challenge

Some folks might argue that a golfer could just use one of his clubs to ensure proper alignment.  I have personally found this to be a bad idea for a couple of reasons.

  • On multiple occasions, I have accidentally nearly stepped on clubs using them for alignment.  A lot more expensive than alignment sticks
  • I can’t easily create a 90-degree angle with two clubs, which I can accomplish with the Elixir sticks and connector
  • I do not like the look of the club’s tapering shaft when I am setting my alignment
  • I can’t stick one end of a club into the ground for advanced training

So, I always keep a set of golf alignment sticks in my bag for practice.

Buy the Best Golf Alignment Training Aids!

We find golf impact labels to be almost as essential as alignment sticks for improving basics.  Check out our post on golf club impact labels here.


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