Best Golf Club Impact Labels

best golf club impact labelsLongShot Golf Club Impact Labels — We all know what it feels like to strike a golf ball “pure”.  And we all wish it happened consistently or at least more often.  That feeling of perfect impact happens when the golf ball hits the exact center of the sweet spot on your club face.

The only way to train to reproduce that perfect club and ball impact is to have accurate and immediate feedback on where your golf ball normally hits the club face.

LongShot Impact Labels can give you that immediate feedback.  Apply an easily removable, no residue, label to your club face and then hit a few golf balls.  You will quickly see where you are hitting the golf ball on the club face; whether it is high, low, toe, heel or some combination.

With that knowledge you can work on the mechanics of your setup and swing to begin to bring the ball’s impact into a better position on the club face. Without using LongShot Impact labels you have no way of really knowing your contact patterns and whether you are improving and grooving the correct contact position.

LongShot has customized its label offerings to fit numerous types and sizes of clubs.  The golf club impact labels come in four sizes and are available for both standard and oversized irons and woods and come in rolls of 200 – 250 labels depending on club head type.

These golf club impact labels are the most cost effective tool for getting instant information on where the golf ball is making contact with your clubface.  Buy some! Go practice! Start hitting your golf shots consistently pure!

Pros and Cons of Golf Club Impact Labels


  • Best Golf Impact Label markedPrecise feedback on where you are making contact
  • Labels come in a variety of sizes and shapes
  • 200 – 250 labels in a standard roll. Should last all season
  • Labels leave no residue on your club face


  • These labels cannot swing the club for you!
  • Need to replace the label on the club face fairly often in order to differentiate individual contact points

We view golf club impact labels as essential to practicing and improving at golf.  Similarly we believe that golf alignment sticks are another essential tool.  Read our post on our favorite golf alignment sticks.


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