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3 X 5 XL Super Tee Golf MatThe 3 X 5 XL Super Tee Golf Mat is a fantastic indoor / outdoor golf practice mat for golfers who want to use real tees and who want the feel of a fairway at a great price point.

The Super Tee Golf Mat is 2″ thick with the 1.25 inch nylon turf thick bonded to a 5/8 inch thick polyethylene foam base (see image below).  The mat is made with highly durable 100% spring crimped nylon.  The turf will not fade, bunch, or leave residue on your club.  The mat can be used indoors or outdoors on a flat surface.

The thickness of the mat allows golfers to make an ascending or descending impact while simulating the feel of hitting off of a fairway.  Golfers will know when they hit the ball too “fat” because the thick turf will slow the club head.  One of the biggest advantages of the thick and dense turf is the protection it offers to a golfer’s wrists and elbows. 

We have all Best Large Golf Mat Turfgone to a golf range that has worn out or very thin golf mats placed directly on concrete.  After a full practice session on those mats we often experience significant arm pain in the wrist, forearm or elbow.  The Super Tee Golf Mat’s cushioning effect all but eliminates the jarring impact.

While the thickness of the mat is a significant benefit there are other advantages to the mat based on its design.  The 3 X 5 foot size of the mat allows golfers to stand at the same level as the ball whether using a wedge or a driver.  If the mat were smaller, a golfer would be standing more than an inch lower than than the ball.  Not good.

In addition, this golf practice mat allows golfers to use real golf tees.  This feature enables golfers to use varying height tees for irons through drivers.  And, a real tee offers a true hitting experience as opposed to the deflection caused by a thick, stationary rubber tee.

Pros and Cons of the Super Tee Golf Mat


  • The mat comes at a great price point for the feel and durability
  • It is designed for real golf tees easily allowing a variety of tee heights
  • The 1 1/4 inch thickness minimizes wrist and elbow soreness from impact
  • The thickness feels like hitting off of a real fairway
  • Highly durable 100% spring crimped nylon material
  • The material will not fade, bunch, weather or leave marks on your club
  • The 3 x 5 foot size is perfect for all clubs — wedges through driver
  • The mat can be rolled to an approximate 10 inch diameter for easy storage


  • Some customers believe the mat feels too cushioned under foot
  • Some customers have experienced some “unraveling” at the edges of the turf
  • The mat has no holes for rubber, fixed height golf mat tees

Editor’s note:  I have owned this mat for 3 years in the northeast and have abused it by leaving it outside through at least one winter.  I have not experienced the first two issues at all.

Buy the 3 X 5 XL Super Tee Golf Mat!

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Most folks who are buying a golf mat also need purchase a golf net.  Unfortunately we have not found any inexpensive nets that can handle the ball speed of a well hit drive.  The ball tends to rip through the net due to its speed and size.  We do recommend one  premium golf practice net that comes with a guarantee against ripping.



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