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Best Full Swing Training Aids: Jef Weighted Swing RingJef World of Golf Swing Ring — A weighted golf swing ring is a must-have for golfers on the go.  How often have you arrived at the golf course at the last minute for your tee time?  You have no real time to hit the range to get your swing grooved nor the time to warm up and stretch out your body thoroughly.  A weighted ring enables you to stretch out your back, shoulders, and arms while waiting for your tee time.

The swing ring can easily slip over a golf club shaft for added weight during warm-up.  While not heavy, the added weight stretches your back, shoulder, and arms, giving sufficient “swing pull” to increase your range of motion and loosen tight muscles.

Best Golf Weighted Swing Ring on driverWhile some suggest that a weighted swing ring can increase swing speed, it is best used for stretching and warming up before a round or at the beginning of a practice session on the range.

We recommend that golfers slide the ring onto a club and complete 15 – 20 rhythmic, full swings to loosen their bodies while maintaining good swing form.  After using the swing ring, golfers feel they have worked the “kinks” out and feel looser and more flexible.

Any level golfer can use the swing ring on almost any iron, hybrid, wood, or driver. Its rubberized coating will protect clubs from being scratched during warm-up.

Given its compact size, the swing ring can be easily stored in a golf bag without adding excessive bulk or weight.

Summary: Why Buy The Jef World Of Golf Swing Ring?  A weighted golf swing ring is a convenient performance aid that helps golfers stretch their backs, shoulders, and arms before playing golf or starting a practice session.  Just slide the weighted ring down the shaft of any club and make full swings. The added weight of the ring will cause the impacted golf swing muscles to stretch and loosen up.


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Pros and Cons of a Weighted Golf Swing Ring


  • Effective, inexpensive warm-up aid
  • 1 1/4″ inner diameter fits virtually any club
  • Rubberized coating prevents damage to clubs
  • Easy to store in your golf bag
  • Great for any level golfer
  • Less cumbersome and awkward than swinging two irons


  • Fairly easy to forget on the range if you’re not careful
  • Won’t fit over-sized grips that are greater than 1 1/4″ in diameter

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The inner diameter of the Swing Ring is 1 1/4 inches. It will easily slide down most standard/medium/large grips.

If you use the larger sizes of “jumbo” grips (like Bryson DeChambeau), the swing ring will most likely not fit.


Some people do use weighted swing rings for speed training. We believe that there are better training aids for that type of practice, such as:

For golfers looking for a training aid that takes the weighted golf swing ring concept to the next level, check out our SKLZ Gold Flex Strength Tempo Trainer review.  Click here. This training aid can help a golfer increase flexibility, tempo, balance, and strength, ultimately leading to increased speed, distance, and control of a golfer’s swing.

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