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ARCCOS 3rd Gen Smart Sensors
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The Arccos Golf Caddie is a fully automatic GPS and Shot Tracking System that captures a golfer’s real-time shots and statistics as you play. The Caddie performs as an advanced GPS and an artificial intelligence caddie during a round.  After a round, the Arccos analytics platform assists you in analyzing your playing stats and helps you break down the strengths and weaknesses of your game. The Arccos Caddie is three electronic performance aids in one.

  • First, Arccos is a highly advanced GPS for on-course management. The Caddie covers over 40,000 courses worldwide and is accurate within a few feet.  It gives excellent course visualization on Apple and Android smartphones, showing distances to the front, back, and middle of the green.  Also, golfers can determine point-to-point distance.  And the Arccos caddie will give adjusted distances for wind, slope, temperature, humidity, and altitude.
  • Second, as mentioned, the Arccos System functions as an on-course artificial intelligence Caddie.  After five rounds of data collection, the Caddie can “understand” how far a golfer typically hits a club.  It can then recommend club selection and hole strategy based on actual data.  This “knowledge” and the strength of the recommendations improve over time.
  • Lastly, Arccos is a data-filled golf improvement system that helps golfers understand the strengths and weaknesses of their games as opposed to just going by the gut.  After a round, a golfer can look at highly detailed playing stats for the round or past rounds on a smartphone or computer.  The analytics will enable the golfer to rethink strategy and to understand areas of improvement based on data

Arccos recently offered three generations of its system  — “2nd Generation,” “3rd Generation,” and “3+ Generation”.  Arccos has discontinued the 2nd Generation.

When buying ARRCOS, be sure to purchase the model marked with Generation 3+ Smart Sensors.

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What are the actual components of the Arccos Golf Caddie system?

With each purchase, golfers receive the following:

  • Fourteen ultra-lightweight Gen3+ Smart Sensors: 13 for woods or irons and one designed specifically for the putter.  The sensors are 1/2 the size and weight of the original Arccos models
  • iOS and Android apps for both on-course data collection and GPS / rangefinder use and off-the-course data and analytics reviews
  • In the 3rd Generation model, the first-year subscription is included for freeArccos Golf Caddie Sensor

Installation of the system is more straightforward than one might think. Essentially golfers will screw a Gen 3+ smart sensor into the grip end of each club and then pair the club to the Arccos application that they have downloaded onto their smartphone device. While this setup might sound like a hassle, the entire process will take 5 – 10 minutes. Once installed and paired, Arccos is good to go and ready to track your shots and stats starting with your next round.

GPS Feature:

The Arccos Golf Caddie’s GPS offers over 40,000 courses globally, viewable on Apple and Android smartphones. The GPS tracker provides accurate distances to the green’s front, center, and back. In addition, with a touch of a finger, a golfer can determine the distance to any point on the course. This feature enables accurate distances to hazards, doglegs, and layup positions.  The Arccos Golf Caddie will give adjusted distances for wind, slope, temperature, humidity, and altitude.

Club Tracking:

Through intelligent proprietary algorithms, the Arccos tracking system will measure the distance you hit the ball and the club you used.   For those needing the details, the technology works as follows:

  • For example, when a golfer hits his driver on the first tee, the tracking sensor on the driver silently signals the club’s impact on the ball to the tracking app using Bluetooth technology. This signal will also indicate the golfer’s exact location on the golf course. On impact, Arccos electronically logs the “starting” point for the shot
  • The golfer then proceeds to the location of his drive to hit his second shot. Once the golfer makes his second shot, the application “closes out” the initial drive while “starting” to track the second shot
  • By sequentially starting and then closing each golf shot, Arccos can record the distance of the shots, the clubs used, and the GPS location of the shots as they were played.  All of this tracking is accomplished seamlessly without golfer involvement

Arccos can develop a detailed profile of your club striking through repeated use. Arccos measures distance, longest hits, and the standard deviation in yards, among other data points.

Arccos Golf Analytics Platform

Taking a step beyond just club data and GPS functionality, the Arccos Caddie sets itself apart in improving a player’s game once the round is done. The amount of detailed data is beyond comparison to any other performance system in the consumer market.Arccos Golf Caddie Tracking Platform

The Analytics platform:

  • Breaks down a player’s handicap into five key elements: Driving, Approach, Chipping, Sand, and Putting
  • Offers comparative data from each of the five elements to players with similar handicaps
  • Evaluates playing patterns that help you refine on-course tactics
  • Can playback the prior round so that golfers can determine what they did right and wrong

Pros and Cons of the Arccos Golf Caddie


  • Easy to set up
  • Set it and forget it. No need to “click” clubs before shots. Just go to the course and play
  • Advanced GPS with front, back, and middle distances to the green
  • Adjusted distances for on-course conditions (wind, slope, etc.)
  • Accurate data on average club distances and variability
  • Robust game improvement data tracking and analysis
  • Can “playback” every hole after the round
  • Breaks down handicap by shot type, enabling focus on actual weaknesses


  • You need to carry your smartphone in your pocket for the Bluetooth signal and shot tracking to work properly
  • Not an inexpensive product


The Arccos Caddie is a huge technological step forward in bringing real-time data to the average golfer. We particularly appreciate Arccos’ ability to defog our memories in terms of how far we really hit the ball. Arccos is a must-have technology for folks committed to improving their golf games.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Do you have to carry your smartphone on you, or can you leave it in your cart?
Answer:  Yes, your phone should be in your pocket.  Arccos is introducing a sensor clip (to be purchased separately), which would allow you to leave your phone in your cart, but by doing this, you would not be able to check the visuals and data on your phone as you are standing over the ball.

Question:  How long do the batteries last in the club sensors?
Answer:  The batteries last two years.  They are not removable or replaceable.

Question:  How does Arccos tell a practice swing from a real swing?
Answer:  The sensors have been upgraded and now sense the impact of a swing physically and in terms of sound.

For those folks who want accurate on-course distances without the full technology system offered in Arccos Golf Caddie, we recommend two great GPS watches from Garmin.  Click here for our  Garmin golf GPS watch review.

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