Tour Striker Smart Ball Golf Training Aid

Tour Striker Smart Ball Golf Training AidTour Striker Smart Ball Golf Training Aid — We have all heard the golf swing concept that the torso and arms must stay connected and synchronized throughout the swing.  To some extent this is a hard swing thought to physically understand and even harder to self regulate.  The Tour Striker Smart Ball Golf Training Aid trains golfers to keep their arms and body connected.  It is also widely used by tour pros, teaching pros and amateurs to drive home this particular type of golf connectivity training.

In design the Smart Ball is quite simple.  It is a perfectly sized inflatable ball that you gently “hold” between your arms, just slightly below your elbows, to ensure that your arms and body are synchronized as you swing.  The Smart Ball is attached to an adjustable length lanyard so that the ball does not fall to the ground if your arms spread too far apart.

Golf connectivity training with the Tour Striker Smart Ball Golf Training Aid takes some getting used to.  Frankly, those of you who chicken wing or are not properly synchronized will feel constrained and the ball might “fall” until you get the hang of it.  Over time the “connectivity” will feel more natural and golfers will learn to rotate torso and arms in an appropriate fashion.

The best advice for adjusting to the Tour Striker Smart Ball Golf Training Aid is to start slow with chipping and pitching motions, then 3/4 swings and then finally practice full swings.  This gradual lengthening of swing will not happen immediately or without effort, but with repetition golfers will find that their swings will flow better, their ball striking will be more consistent and their bodies and arms will work in unison.

As a bonus the Tour Striker Smart Ball Golf Training Aid can be used for another classic training drill.  The ball can be deflated and then placed between your lead arm and body or following arm and body.  With the deflated ball in place the golfer would then practice hitting golf balls.  As with the drill described above, this drill also helps train golfers to keep their bodies and arms connected.  In the past, many golfers would use a towel or glove for this drill.  The advantage of using the Smart Ball is that the lanyard will prevent the ball from falling to the ground.

  • Perfectly sized ball for proper placement
  • Adjustable lanyard to eliminate the hassle of fetching the ball when it falls
  • The Smart Ball can be deflated and be used for additional connectivity drills
  • This training aid is widely used by tour and teaching professionals

  • Golf connectivity training type takes repetition and practice.  Initially this practice will feel awkward for those who have swings that are disconnected

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