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T3 Putting Arc TrainerThe Putting Arc Trainer — Golfers have debated how to make a proper putting stroke since the invention of golf.  Should the putter travel straight back and through or on a slight arc?

Some diehards believe the putting stroke should travel on a straight line, with the clubface always being square to the target.  This straight path can be difficult on long putts when your arms, shoulders, and body want to rotate.

Others argue that the putter’s path should move on an arc just like the longer golf strokes. The swing path should come inside on the backswing, square at impact, and return to the inside after contact with the ball.  The challenge to this swing path is getting the putter face consistently square at impact.

In 2003, a company called The Putting Arc introduced its first arc training aid model, bringing science into the long-standing debate and declaring the arc-type path the winner!

At introduction, The Putting Arc company claimed that their new technology combined “2,200-year-old mathematical theory …with space-age computer design and CNC manufacturing to produce The Putting Arc”.   The Putting Arc company’s advertising material reminds me of the ads I saw in the back of Boy’s Life magazine as a kid.  A little golly-gosh cheesy.

So, why are we recommending the putting arc trainer?

First, the putting arc trainer passes a pretty high credibility test. Over 850 touring pros have trained with it since its introduction.  Multiple golf industry authorities voted the putting arc as the #1 putting training aid.  The putting arc is one of the most imitated golf training aids on the market.

Second, the technology makes sense.  The T3 is pegged to the ground with the flat side of the 20-inch training aid pointing 2″ to the right of the center of the practice target or hole.  Golfers then practice putting along its gentle arc, keeping the putter’s heel in contact with the arc at all times.  Through repetition, a golfer learns to stroke the putter much more naturally than through forced body adjustments that must occur using the straight-back-and-through method.

The putting arc trainer teaches a putting stroke with only one moving part. The hands, arms, and shoulders rotate as a unit. No manipulation of the hands or arms is required to follow the correct path with a correct clubface.

The Putting Aid company offers multiple models of varying lengths and weights.

  • T3 ModelT3 — A lightweight travel model that measures 20 inches in length.  It is easy to store in most full-featured golf bags.  We recommend the T3 model just because of its portability.  Click for Amazon

  • MS 3D ModelMS-3D — This model is 33 inches long and weighs 4 pounds.  The MS-3D does not need to be anchored to the ground and can be used indoors or out.  The MS-3D comes with an attached mirror to check shoulder alignment. Click for Amazon


Summary: Why Buy The Putting Arc Trainer?  The Putting Arc Trainers train golfers to have a consistent arc to their putting strokes, enabling a squared face at the point of impact with the golf ball. This swing path arc allows for a more natural body movement through the putting stroke.


Pros and Cons of a Putting Arc Trainer


  • Easy to understand, practical training aid
  • The T3 is highly portable, easily fitting within most full-featured golf bags
  • The MS-3D can be used indoors or outside
  • Made of highly durable plastic
  • Useful for all skill levels and right or left-handed golfers


  • The T3 needs to be pegged into the ground and should not be used indoors
  • Not for golfers who are diehard straight back and through putters

Buy a Putting Arc Trainer!


Will the Putting Arc Trainer work for left-handed golfers as well?

Yes, all Putting Arc Trainers are symmetrical and will work with either hand.


The difference between the two Arc Trainers is material, weight, and primary type of usage.

The T3 is made of plastic, is 20 inches long, and is highly portable. We recommend the T3 for golfers who want to take it on the putting green or to travel. The T3 is primarily an outdoor model because it needs to be pegged to the ground.

The MS-3D is 33 inches long and weighs 4 pounds. It can be used indoors or outdoors because it does not need to be pegged down. But, based on size and weight, the MS-3D is less portable than the T3. The MS-3D is designed more for stability and to be used in a single place instead of moving from location to location.

The Putter Wheel is another putting aid that we highly recommend.  The Putter Wheel teaches golfers how to hardwire proper impact while putting. Check out our Putter Wheel review here.

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