What is the Best Golf Training Aid?

Folks, we are hunting for the 50 best golf training aids!

We need your input and comments!  No matter how diligent and thorough our search, we need your input to find the best golf aids, gadgets, books, and tools.  Please leave a comment telling us about the golf aid that has worked best for you.  And please tell us how it helped.

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8 Replies to “What is the Best Golf Training Aid?”

  1. Well, I have not played in about 6 years now. I did enjoy it, but being short and big busted made it very hard to play for a while. I just had to keep adjusting how I held my body and the clubs until I found what worked for me. My ex-husband would kill me for this story but I got tired of him trying to tell me how to stand or hold my clubs since he is 6’2″ and I am 5′. I finally made him put on a bra with grapefruits in it and get on his knees and try to swing the clubs like he was telling me to do it. LOL it was funny because after doing this he stopped trying to tell me how to swing or hold my clubs and left me alone. He just kept saying how can you even play with two handicaps. LOL. Once he left me alone I was able to get my swing better because I went with what worked for me and not for a tall flat chested man. I hope this helps you out.

    1. There are so many things to say about your comment but let me just say. Thank you for sharing.

      It is difficult for a golfer to effectively give another advice. They just can’t appreciate the physical or mental challenges the other person is going through. Especially if it is a spouse. That is why, I have stopped trying to get my wife to play golf.

  2. As a life long golfers dedicated to “improvement” a book that must be reviewd ais the Ben Hogan ” five fundamentals” . My golf pro basically lived his life teaching this method. I only found this out when talking to his son in his backshop after he passed away I saw a battered old copy sitting on a shelf. Lots of good advice.

    1. Colin,

      I completely agree on the Hogan book. I too have a well-used copy of the classic and am planning on writing a post on it in the next couple weeks. Thanks for the “push” I will move it up on my review list!


  3. I have invented a golf game that can be helpful with practicing the “short game”. I’ve created a stand that holds 21golf balls and by pushing a lever a ball pops out at the bottom and lands about a foot from the stand. I’ve also created a scoring target that can be placed as close or far as need to adjust difficulty level. The game can be played by one to three players at a time. The object of the game is to get the lowest score. Each player gets 7 coded golf balls. Where the player’s ball lands on the target determines the score. This game is great practis and fun. This game is in patent pending stage. If you are interested in more send me an email. Thank you!

  4. The best full swing training aid that I have tried is the Swing Duke. A friend invented it, and it is brand new and just coming to market. It’s a full swing trainer that takes you on a square, inside take away, square, inside follow through machine. You control everything. Resistance bands and weights can be added to improve strength and muscle memory. Every club in your bag can be used. You can also hit balls with it.

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