Category: Putting

We all know the cliché “drive for show, putt for dough”, but many of us still tremble over a three-foot knee knocker. We all would like to know how to improve our golf putting stroke technique and results. To try and help, this category introduces the best putting training aids we have found, so far.

If any of you believe that you have found the best way to improve putting, please do not hesitate to leave a comment in our “We Need Your Help” post!

Best Automatic Return Golf Practice Putting Cup

JEF World of Golf Automatic Golf Practice Putting Cup is our recommended automatic return putting cup aid for when you just cannot get out to the putting ...

Best Short Game Book

Secrets of the Short Game by Phil Mickelson -- It has been a few years since this book came out, but it is our pick as the best golf short game book.  We ...

Best Golf Alignment Training Aids

The Elixir Golf Alignment Sticks will help you set up your body, feet ball and club to practice perfect alignment for drives, irons, wedges and putts. ...

Putter Wheel Golf Trainer

The Putter Wheel Golf Trainer is a two-in-one training system that helps golfers consistently hit putts straight.   The primary ...

Best Putting Arc Trainer

The Putting Arc Trainer -- Golfers have debated how to make a proper putting stroke since the game of golf was invented.  Should the putter travel straight ...

What is the Best Golf Training Aid?

Folks, we are on a hunt for the 50 best golf training aids! We need your input and comments!  No matter how diligent and thorough our search, we need your ...